Investing in IPO will secure the future

The investors those who are expecting to drastic growth in their business can invest their money in the Initial public offering (IPO). And while investing in those IPOs, it is necessary for the investor to identify the best technology initial public offering (IPO). The investors have to analyze certain strategies before choosing a technology IPO, the first prime factor that the investor should analyze is that, whether the company is able to gain profit from their service or operation. One fine example is the social networking site, Twitter which was losing money in their accounting principle was able to attain a positive cash flow. And the investor must make sure that the tech company has an ongoing growth, it is said that within a year the company must grow at least twenty percent in the business so that it can become a profitable business.

The growth of the company is determined by the size of the market, and large number of opportunities is possible only when the market size is bigger. If a company decides to go public, they will make sure to check on the appraisals and the importance of their product in the market. The main perspective of an IPO is that they are either customer beneficial or they help other companies grow. Benefiting the other companies in the market while earning their own revenue is seen in many businesses, like Google and eBay. And the Expedia online travel agency offers much cheaper deals than the travel agency store. So it is important to understand the industrial value of the business.
It is necessary that the investor should have the knowledge about, the person or company that backed the tech company before the IPO, and the valuation of the IPO is also taken into consideration before investing. But if the investor is interested in all the other aspects other than the valuation, they can definitely invest in the company.


Online marketplace redrafts their policy to benefit their sellers

The online marketplace for the vintage goods and handmade crafts is Etsy. The main vision of the ecommerce business was to create a platform for the artisans who are talented and interested is producing handicrafts. And because of the wide range of demand for the handmade sweaters, jewelries and pottery, the site has more than twenty nine million listings. But even when the market was down in 2014, the online company was able to reach $1.93 billion and the company earned one hundred and ninety six million dollars by collecting fees for promoting and sales of a product and by collecting commissions. Many sellers who deliver bulk orders are accused that they are able to produce bulk orders because they are following other ways of producing. But most of the sellers who are gaining popularity and bulk orders said that, to develop their business and satisfy their customer demand they have to increase the number of employees, investments and outsourcing. Hence the company decided to relax some of its company policies by allowing the sellers to outsource and to hire employees. In 2014 a support group was formed regarding the relaxation policy and around thirty percent sellers were part of the group and according that year’s record about five thousand sellers from Etsy were outsourcing.

Sellers who are against the policy said that there are possibilities for recreating similar products on the site and sell them at different market values. So the company formed a Trust and Safety team, where the customers can complain if they find a seller reselling similar items, but the company cannot vouch their sellers regarding the standards.


Some infamous alternatives to Etsy

So, what if you are not a fan of Etsy and its products? No big deal! There are many alternatives that are not quite as famous as Americans’ favorite Etsy. Etsy is an online ecommerce website that focuses on hand made items crafted by the world’s finest artisans. It poses a huge threat to many ecommerce giants like Amazon and local sites. To everyone’s surprise, Etsy’s Chad Dickerson is not really bothered about the competition from Amazon’s newly launched marketplace. Most of the online shoppers prefer Etsy to Amazon due to its product quality despite the higher prices. But, it does not mean that you have to shop for unique crafty pieces only at Etsy!
 Taigan is an online site that offers goods from America and other parts the world. You could get anything that is uniquely creative for a lot cheaper prices!
 Uncommon goods came into the industry before Etsy and it has artisans from all over the world. The name tells you what it has got in its stores for you!
 ShopIndie lets you buy goods from the famous artisans and you could even come across the store’s handmade products on Instagram and other social media sites as well.
 Society 6 provides an opportunity to every aspiring artisan to create products without having to worry about the production. The site has some unique collections of handmade items that are one of a kind.
 Amazon has its own marketplace for handmade items for cheaper prices and it is hugely famous among people who do not like to spend those extra bucks for their favorite products.
 Brika is another online website that focuses on the best handicrafts and every product looks gorgeous as well


Guide To Start a Business on Etsy

Many people will not be having a clear view about how to start an Etsy shop but it can be made simple.

Facts which prevent you from listing your product:

Picking shop name:

Before starting an Etsy shop many think about naming the shop, but are not important, as people will not notice the shop name if they buy something from Amazon or Flipchart.

So, you can pick a suitable name for your shop after your listing process is completed.

Shop design:

People will see your items based on the search engine rather than by the shop design, so getting obsessed in designing your shop is not necessary.

It is better to start shop designing after your item has been listed.

Creating logo:

Some Etsy shop owners depend on Fever for logo creation. Suggest them with the ideas about the color and design of the logo, instead of spending your valuable time.

Necessary points to be followed:

Create listing:

You can have pretty logo and shop name but it will never fetch you success unless you started listing your product.

Create the prototype:

Many people will create more than one prototype for their product when they start their first shop. It is not essential to attract buyers with a variety of choices, because no one will pay attention except your family members and friends.

High quality photo:

It is very important in the growth of your shop because people decide to buy your product by seeing the photo.

Take high quality images with attractive backgrounds using DSLR that grabs people’s attention.



Choosing price:

Choose a suitable price for your product which includes the material cost, service cost and shipping cost.

Create a description:

Your product sale depends on the product description which gives the customers a clear view about your product.


Etsy’s Says about Its Wholesale Approach to Future Business

Etsy is trying to launch its wholesale approach to bring its people back to commerce that may serve as a reason for its success.

This online commerce company is following an unusual business method in the fast growing world of online commerce to stand unique.

The product in Etsy may not be cheap and buying a product may not be fast, but it has an advantage that the customer who buys the product can talk directly with the maker of the product but that person would have seen the product before. These advantages help Etsy to stand out in the market.

Etsy is not just an online commerce company, but it is developing its wholesale business in the US and is trying to further expand the business internationally by next two years.

Retailers find a number of interesting things to buy on Etsy. Even though if wholesale business is not introduced in the UK, a number of UK retailers experience a high value in Etsy. The company has also launched its new payment option using credit cards that allows sellers to take the payments anywhere. This helps it to enrich its online business in all parts of the world.

One more thing about Etsy is its online community that provides customer service online. Etsy sellers from various parts of the world can self organize into product specific groups on Etsy. The power of these values makes Etsy the best in the market.


Etsy connects Buyers and sellers offline through mobile

 Etsy can now able to connect with its local customers offline with its local feature available in Android devices and iOS. It makes easy for Etsy to reach its local customers and develop its business. Etsy allows local buyers to find their sellers to sell offline in companies, events and many other locations. Etsy connects the shoppers and creative business magnate through their mobile devices. Shoppers can able to find all the information they need through the mobile version of Etsy locals. Etsy app allows sellers to determine their sales. Through this service, sellers are located to many events like fairs, trunk shows and many more.
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This service also enables shoppers to find out where the sellers have located their shops. It provides information like event date, venue and time to the shoppers. Etsy locals provide shoppers with a list of sellers who have confirmed their attendance. In addition to that Etsy local provides link to connect with the sellers.

Etsy locals suggest the shoppers about nearby retailers and events and enable them to discover new sellers through simple mobile devices. This service is also applicable to those sellers who don’t have their own stores, but they can include in other stores like retailers and boutiques which will take their products.

Etsy locals are available on the home page of the app where the shoppers can click on a map to get information about the product, hours of operation, product images, available items and many more. Shoppers can also able to go to new locations with the help of a map.


Sellers making a living off an Etsy

Etsy has never failed to live up to the shopper’s expectations despite tough competitions from its rivals. The sellers are no exceptional cases either! There are many sellers who are trusting Etsy to make a living off it! Etsy has even created some millionaires among those dedicated sellers. If you think making a living off an online shopping site is an easy job, then you are wrong my friend! One needs to have passion, dedication, and creativity to be successful! Oh yeah, a little bit of pixie dust as well!

Several People have become world famous sellers by just starting it as a joke. One such person is Alicia Shaffer. She started her business by launching a handmade accessories store that would gain her some money to pay the bills. Oh good lord, it has indeed gained her an identity for a lifetime! She is now living off an Etsy business! She is now living the life of a millionaire and shoppers are always hooked up to the site for any new updates from her. She is the proud owner of ThreeBirdNest, Etsy second most successful store. Etsy has changed her life forever and many others’ as well! In fact, most of the top sellers from Etsy did not start up their businesses intentionally. So if you have got any ideas for doing a business on Etsy, never ever doubt that for a second! Go for it! Who knows, you may just turn out to be another Alicia Shaffer!


Etsy feels the heat from critics

Etsy is prone to critics across America. Though it has a large fan base, the critics always seem to sting the largest online shopping platform. Chad Dickerson, the chief executive of Etsy tried to clear off the allegations regarding counterfeit goods that are present on the site. But his clearance of accusations did not seem to convince the critics.

The critics for being too aggressive on sellers often accuse Etsy. The platform takes down certain products off the site due to imbalance caused between the parties. The site is also accused of possessing products that do not abide by the laws. But the platform’s spokesperson says it is working out to mend the relationship to be transparent with the brand owners. Also, the team follows Digital Millennium Copyright Act in order to terminate the user account if it does not follow the site’s policies and regulations. The firm’s issues are also grabbing a lot of media coverage across the country.

Etsy’s one of the best sellers Grace Dobush was also disappointed when the company started to alienate its crafters. Artisan Beth Piccard’s Etsy store was shut down due to copyright infringements. However, the company is proud of its intellectual property laws and policies. It was awarded with 3 stars out of four possible stars. The company lost its one star because it never addresses the transparency issues. Hopefully, Etsy braces up next time to avoid the critics’ stings and focus on achieving more success!


Etsy Announced Same Day Delivery Service With Extra Charge

Etsy Marketplace has announced a new program for the same day delivery of its products with some additional charge. The program Etsy ASAP allows customer to request for same day delivery of the product they purchased, but they will be subjected to additional fee and some post mates do the delivery.

The new program seems to be very costly and it charges an amount of 20 dollars, whereas other companies like Amazon is charging less for a one hour delivery. UberRUSH also launched same day delivery program, which includes service charge, but seems to be less compared to Etsy. As Etsy is charging more for same day delivery program, there is some possibility for customers to prefer other services, which will be less expensive, compared with Etsy.

How to USE Etsy ASAP:

The simple way to use the Etsy ASAP is to choose the ASAP option at checkout and select from the three hour delivery window and the program is not applicable for those who make the purchase after 7 pm and they will get the delivery next day.

How it delivers:

Etsy links post mates API’s into its website and mobile application to make the delivery process, whereas some services use contractors for the proper delivery of the product. After receiving the order, sellers request for a pickup from the order page of Etsy where the post mates send to the destination. Sellers have the facility to keep track of the order status till it reaches the customer.


Points To Remember Before Opening Etsy shop

Etsy shop acts as a tool for users to get profit from their own creativity and skills. But before starting the shop, user should be aware of the site’s policy, so here are some tips to know about it.

Be Imaginative in choosing the right name:

Choose a suitable name for the shop, which should be unique and trendy enough to grab people’s attention.

Have an Idea about Tax requirements:

Before starting an Etsy shop, you should have strong knowledge regarding sales tax collection and business license so that you will not be subjected to penalty for tax collection.

Set price based upon your effort:

Be sure to set an affordable price for the product , according to the money you spent and the time you take for that product. The price should be in such a manner, which satisfies the customer, and give you a profit.

Plan on shipping and proper packaging:

Have a proper planning on the cost of shipping, which includes transportation charge, packaging charge and the time you take to deliver the product. Include a personal touch in the package in a fun way with a thank you included in it.

Improve photography stills:

An image of a product should be in such a way that should grab customer’s attention. If an image is incorrect or blur customer refuse to have a look at it.

Learn about SEO:

You need to know about the Etsy search engine optimization in order to make your product found, even if there are millions of products displayed on Etsy.

Use social media:

Utilize any one of your favorite social media for your Etsy Marketing.

Focus on your favorite products:

Sell items for which you are passionate about, as the love and enthusiasm you show for that product will result in success.

Keep your products ready:

Get ready with your products to make a better sale because buyers will browse your shop searching for a variety of products and not a few numbers.